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Filter Holder for 100mm System (Foundation Kit)

The holder is the foundation of the LEE 100mm System and comes assembled with two filter slots. It fits to the lens via adaptor rings which enable the holder to be used across a wide range of lenses.

The holder is designed to be compatible with the standard LEE 100mm filters, including ND Grads, Stoppers and Polarizers. These can be combined for almost limitless creative options and precise exposure control.

Simply slide filters into the holder and position precisely where you need them. Crucially the holder can also be rotated to any angle, enabling the light to be controlled no matter where it's falling in the frame.

A range of accessories are also available to add extra filter slots and further increase the options.

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LEE 100mm Holder with Joe Cornish

Avoiding Vignetting

Filter Slots Minimum Focal Length
One 16mm
Two 17mm
Three 21-24mm

The 100mm Holder allows you to easily adjust the number of filter slots available. However, the more filters you use the narrower the angle of view without vignetting. The table shows safe minimum focal lengths (full frame) for different numbers of filters.

Filters can slide up and down within the holder… and rotate.

LEE 100mm System Holder
LEE 100mm System Holder
LEE 100mm System Holder
LEE 100mm System Holder