Lee Filters

The Universal Lens Hood - 100mm System

Also known as the Medium Wide Hood.

Designed to suit the needs of most photographers the Universal Lens Hood works as both a simple lens shade eliminating glare, as well as a fully functioning 100mm filter holder. It comes assembled with two filter slots, but can also be configured to take different filter combinations including a Polarizer.

It is ideal for shading most lenses on DSLR, 35mm SLR and medium format cameras.

LEE 100mm System Logo

The LEE Universal Hood with Joe Cornish



As well as the ingenious flexibility of the bellows design (no rails or guides needed) the Universal Hood enables full creative freedom in the use of filters.

As well as accepting two standard 100mm filters the Hood can also accept the 105mm Accessory Ring, and with it the 105mm Rotating Polarizer or Landscape Polarizer.