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Field Pouch for SW150 System

Keep 10 SW150 filters (150x170mm) close to hand when you need them.

In the past keeping your filters easily accessible and safe has been challenging. Now with the sturdy SW150 Field Pouch your filters remain free of dirt and dust, but are close by when you need them.

Constructed from a tough and durable fabric that can stand up to wear and tear, the SW150 Field Pouch features a concertina design with one slot per filter (maximum of 10 filters). It's an invaluable accessory that gives photographers freedom to respond quickly to rapidly changing conditions with the right filter.

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SW150 Field Pouch

Included Strap Options

SW150 Field Pouch

The SW150 Field Pouch comes with these three strap options included:

  • Tripod strap
  • Over-the-shoulder strap
  • Belt-loop