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LEE 100mm Field Guide with Joe Cornish
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Designed with just about every photographic combination in mind the 100mm System can be configured to hold up to four 100mm filters for unparalleled creative freedom. Adaptor rings are available for an enormous range of lenses.

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LEE SW150 Field Guide with Mark Bauer
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Designed specifically to fit ultra-wideangle lenses (which often have bulbous front elements), the SW150 System features a unique adaptor ring custom designed for each lens and a larger filter size to avoid vignetting.

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LEE Seven5 Field Guide with Steve Gosling
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The Seven5 System enables the full creative power of professional filters to be used anywhere on highly portable compact system cameras. This is the smallest and most economical LEE filter system but includes a full range of filters.

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LEE System Match

LEE System Match

LEE Filters have indexed over 500 lenses so you can quickly find the System that's best for you.

Use the quick select menus to locate your lenses and discover which System is recommended for each lens and which Systems are compatible and not compatible. You'll also learn exactly what Adaptor Rings you'll need to get started.

LEE System Match

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