Industry Endorsements

"I recently used these ND filters on a television project shooting with Arri Alexa XT cameras, they performed beautifully.

The true colour rendition was spot on throughout the range, making the grading process easier when using multiple cameras. The several filter sets I used matched exactly on ND level and IR cut, also the high quality and robust construction make them a perfect tool for digital cinematography."

Andy McDonnell — Director of Photography

" I recently got the opportunity to test the new LEE Pro Glass Cine IRND's in snowy mountain landscapes.

I was extremely impressed by the true stop every ND gave me throughout the whole range right up to ND2.1 Every time I changed the filter I deliberately preset the stop to check the accuracy and it was always spot on without fail."

Martin Fuhrer, BSC — Director of Photography

RED Camera Tests with ProGlass Cine IRND (0.3 / 1.2 / 2.1 ND)

RED Weapon with Dragon 6K sensor
RED Weapon with Helium 8K sensor

Precise Optical Density across the Spectrum

Optical Density

Light Wavelength nm

2.1 ND - 7 Stops: uniform attenuation across the spectrum


Visible Spectrum

Near IR

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