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105mm Accessory Ring for LEE Polarizer

The 105mm Accessory Ring screws to the font of the LEE 100mm System Holder and allows a 105mm Rotating Polarizer or Landscape Polarizer to be attached.

Crucially the 105mm Adaptor Ring allows the Polarizer to be rotated independently of other filters positioned in the normal holder slots. This means for instance, that ND Graduated Filters can be positioned and rotated precisely and the Polarizer independently rotated to achieve the degree of polarization the photographer requires.

Most photographers keep the Accessory Ring permanently attached to the holder.

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The LEE Polarizer with Joe Cornish

Fitting the Accessory Ring

LEE 105mm Accessory Ring

The 105mm Accessory Ring screws into the front of the 100mm System Holder after removing the face plates.