Lee Filters

ClearLEE Filter Wash

ClearLEE Filter Wash is specially formulated to safely clean both resin and glass LEE filters.

Available in a large 300ml size for home or studio use or a 50ml size that's perfect for popping in your camera bag. Both sizes come in an aluminium can with spray top.

Filters are exposed to all sorts of extreme weather conditions when used in the landscape. They can be battered by anything from sea spray, grit and rain to snow, and become grubby with fingerprints from too much handling. Not only can this have an impact on their longevity, it can also have an adverse effect on the image – degrading it in a way that can be tricky to resolve in postproduction.

ClearLEE Filter Wash is specially formulated to cut through dirt. Safe to use on every filter in the LEE Filters range, it removes everything from greasy marks and fingerprints to salty residues – safely and effectively.

Simply spray ClearLEE on to the filter and wipe clean with a microfibre cloth or tissue and polish.