Lee Filters

Standard Adaptor Ring - LEE100/100mm

Adaptor Rings are a simple but important element of the LEE System, enabling the same holder and filters to be used with different lenses. Simply screw it onto the lens and then clip-on either the new LEE100 Holder or the legacy 100mm Holder.

Standard Adaptor Rings screw on with a fluid action, thanks to the sturdy construction and aluminium screw thread. They are suitable for use with lenses with a focal length of 24mm or more (18mm with a crop sensor).

Standard Adaptor Rings are available in a variety of thread sizes to fit each of your lenses.

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LEE Adaptor Rings with Joe Cornish


Finding the Thread Size

Often the lens thread size is inscribed on the back of the lens cap. LEE also have a handy System Match tool where you can look up the specifications for any lens.