Lee Filters

Landscape Polarizer

The 105mm Landscape Polarizer is slimmer than the standard version and can be used on wide angle lenses without vignetting making it ideal for landscape photographers. It is designed for the LEE 100mm System.

In fact on a full frame sensor it can be used on lenses as wide as 16/17mm with a two slotted filter holder without fear of vignetting.

 The Landscape Polarizer attaches to the filter holder via the 105mm Accessory Ring (sold separately) which fits to the front of the 100mm Filter Holder. This ring allows the Landscape Polarizer to be rotated independently of ND Grads or other filters in the holder - giving full creative freedom.

It is a Circular Effect Polarizer (nothing to do with its shape!) which is ideal for most cameras because it doesn't interfere with their complex metering and auto-focus systems.

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With LEE Landscape Polarizer

With LEE Landscape Polarizer at 16mm (Photo Mark Bauer)

Pro Tips

Warm Bias

As well as increasing the contrast between sky and cloud the Landscape Polarizer has a warm bias that enhances the greens, browns and golds of landscape scenes.

Exposure Correction

A polarizer will reduce your exposure up to 1⅔ stops.