Screen Goo

Max Contrast (Pair)

Screen Goo Max Contrast is a liquid video screen coating that will transform any smooth surface into a cinematic quality projection screen. Ambient light and unwanted reflections are minimized, blacks are richer giving images real depth, and colors are accurate and saturated.

Max Contrast Goo creates a neutral medium grey screen designed for rooms with high ambient light levels.

Ideal for use with digital projectors with strong light output ( >35 ANSI Lumens per square foot of screen area) but poor contrast ratios.


  • Max Contrast Reflective Coat
  • Max Contrast Finish Coat

Installation Example

Screen Goo Max Contrast used at Sports Run Interactive Exhibit at Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Screen Goo Max Contrast used for Sports Run Interactive Exhibit at Perot Museum of Nature and Science, Dallas.

Photo courtesy of 900lbs of Creative

More Information

Download Product Data Sheet

Includes data for both the Reflective Coat and Max Contrast Finish Coat.


Two coats of Reflective and two coats of Finish are required (see below for coverage). Produces a durable and uniform screen with minimal "hot spotting" and excellent viewing angles.

Screen Goo Coverage

Coverage shown is when rolled. Sprayed applications typically cover 20% less area.

All Screen Goo is provided with equal sized bottles of both the Reflective and Finish Coats.


Screen Goo 120ml

6 sq.ft.

0.56 sq.m


Screen Goo 500ml

25 sq.ft.

2.32 sq.m


Screen Goo 1000ml

50 sq.ft.

4.65 sq.m


Screen Goo 2000ml

115 sq.ft.

10.68 sq.m


Screen Goo 3780ml

189 sq.ft.

17.56 sq.m


Screen Goo 16l

800 sq.ft.

74.32 sq.m