Lee Filters

Landscape Set - 100mm

The Landscape Set contains three optically correct 100mm x 150mm resin filters for the LEE 100mm System.

  • Real Blue 2
  • Sepia 2
  • Straw 3

This set is designed to complement the landscape – be it urban or rural.

The Real Blue 2 brings intensity to faded skies, while an inverted Straw 3 warms the foreground. Suitable for more classic landscapes, the Sepia 2 enhances the colour of rocks, foliage and fallen leaves.

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No Filter

No filters

LEE Sepia 2 and 0.75 ND Soft Grad

With LEE Sepia 2 and 0.75 ND Soft Grad

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The filters in this set are also available separately, as are all the other LEE Colour Effect Filters. Contact us to learn more.

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