Lee Filters

Mist Stripe

The Mist Stripe gives a mist effect to selected areas of the image. When used in the foreground it gives a sense of the depth of fog.

Creatively it provides a unique way to remove distracting elements and to clean up the overall look and feel of an image. It can be perfect for photographers looking for minimal compositions where "less is more".

The Mist Stripe is available for all our systems.

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Mist Filters with Jonathan Chritchley

Pro Tips


To give a natural mist effect with the Mist Stripe filter select an aperture no narrower than f/11. Too much depth of field can result in shooting the filter itself rather than the effect through the filter.


No Filters.

With LEE 0.6 ND Hard Grad

With LEE Mist Grad (with black and white conversion)

With LEE 0.6 ND Hard Grad and LEE Mist Stripe (b/w conversion)