Lee Filters

100mm Square Polarizer: Linear Effect

This is a specialized version of the LEE Square Polarizer with a Linear Effect designed for manual focus cameras whether 35mm or medium format.

It is not appropriate for most modern cameras as it can interfere with the complex auto-focus and metering systems. Our Circular Effect filters would be a better choice for these cameras.

The Square Polarizer slots into the normal 100mm System filter holder (as illustrated) where it can be rotated to the desired angle.

It is recommended for studio work or when no graduated filters are required. If ND Grads are important the 105mm Rotating Polarizer with the 105mm Accessory Ring is a better choice as it allows independent rotation of the graduated filters and Polarizer.

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The LEE Polarizer with Joe Cornish

Pro Tips

Exposure Correction

A polarizer will reduce your exposure up to 1⅔ stops.


This filter will give different results depending on how it's oriented in the holder. Turning through 90° in the holder can be useful, especially if using ND Grads.