Lee Filters

Professional Kit

The Professional Kit features two filter holders and a tandem adaptor to join them together. This enables two ND Graduated filters to be used at once, with each independently rotated to a different angle - a useful capability for controlling exposure across the scene.

The holders are designed to be compatible with the standard LEE 100mm filters, including ND Grads, Stoppers and Polarizers. The Professional Kit allows the use of more than four filters for unlimited creative possibilities.

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LEE Professional Kit with Joe Cornish

Avoiding Vignetting

Filter Slots Minimum Focal Length
One 16mm
Two 17mm
Three 21-24mm
Two Holders 28-35mm

The 100mm Holder allows you to easily adjust the number of filter slots available. However, the more filters you use the narrower the angle of view without vignetting. The table shows safe minimum focal lengths (full frame) for different numbers of filters or if using the Professional Kit with both filter holders.