Lee Filters

SW150 Polarizer

The Square Polarizer for the LEE SW150 System slots into the SW150 filter holder where it can be rotated to the desired angle.

If using with a ND Grad you should position the grad first and then slot in the Polarizer. Although you won't be able to separately rotate it you can flip it through 90° which can often help.

The Polarizer removes light which has become polarized by bouncing off flat non-metallic surfaces such as glass or water. Filtering this light can eliminate reflections, remove glare, darken blue skies and generally increase saturation.

It is a Circular Effect Polarizer (nothing to do with its shape!) which is ideal for most modern cameras because it doesn't interfere with their complex metering and auto-focus systems.

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The LEE SW150 Polarizer with Joe Cornish

Pro Tips

Exposure Correction

A polarizer will reduce your exposure up to 1⅔ stops.


The SW150 Polariser can only be used in one orientation - please ensure that the printed face of the filter is away from the lens, facing the subject.


White Horse with No Filter

No Filter

With LEE SW150 Polarizer

With LEE SW150 Polarizer